Saturday, September 15, 2018

On Point (Zayd Saleem, Chasing the Dream #2) by Hena Khan: Book Review

Book received at no charge to facilitate review

Zayd loves being on the best team in the fourth grade. With his hard work attitude, he's sure the season will be amazing. With his best friend, Adam, on the team, how could it not be? 

The team gets off to a rough start, with some losses. To make matters worse, Adam decides to drop off the team and play football instead. His new friends take him from Zayd, leaving Zayd bewildered and discouraged. As if life at school and on the team aren't bad enough, Zayd's home life is so centered on his uncle Mamoo's wedding preparations that nobody seems to notice his disappointment.

Luckily, Zayd continues to work hard while immersing himself in his culture and family. In doing so, he comes to some small realizations about life he passes on to his uncle. A charming look into family through sports.


Publishing Information:

Publisher: Salaam Reads / Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (May 29, 2018)
ISBN: 978-1534412019
Ages 7-10

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