Book Review Policies

Attention: As of Sept. 25, 2017, I am no longer accepting any new book review requests.

I do accept books for review and giveaways. I prefer picture books, chapter books and middle grade, but will accept YA as well. I am always on the lookout for a YA with a male protagonist. I try my best to review the books in a timely manner and will work with publishers to review books to coincide with a release date.  I also love doing author interviews when feasible. Please note:

1. Book must have a male protagonist or wide appeal for boys.
2. Hardback or paperback copies as well as pdf. formats accepted.
3. I no longer accept self published books, no exceptions.
4. For YA books, they must have a strong male voice. I do not enjoy reading YA books with strong sexual content or a lot of strong language. Please do not send those.
5. I am willing to host a giveaway with the book, which brings in much more traffic. However, the book must be sent to the winner from the author or publisher. My review list has grown so large that I can no longer fund the shipping costs.

I do not accept payment in return for a positive review. I like to keep my reviews honest.

You may contact me at for questions or suggestions for book reviews and author interviews.

Please note: Unsolicited self-published books will not be reviewed nor sent back. No exceptions.

Please include contact information for books sent so I can let you know what review schedule is at the time.


Will Granger said...

I understand you don't accept self-published books. It's your blog and therefore your choice- I respect that. However, please check out my blog at I am not asking for a review of my self-published series, but please check out my fun, safe site for young readers. I created it as a unique source with original content related to my books.

Will Granger

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