Product Reviews

I am open to product reviews that promote learning and reading. Some of the products I am currently wanting to to review:

1. Learning games for boys
2. Language learning programs
3. Devices or toys that help limit TV and video game time.
4. eReaders
5. Comic Books and  Magazines
6. Any games that require knowledge to play.
7. Financial literacy products for children or teens.
8. Literacy through cooking which would include products such as cookbooks, baking mixes in which directions have to be read and followed, etc.
9. Any other products that promote learning, literacy, financial literacy etc.

I do not believe in destroying a company over negative reviews, but I do believe in honest reviews of the good qualities of a product. I also believe in suggestions of how to improve a product. If I can't find any positive things to say about a product, I will politely decline a review.

If you have a product you would like reviewed on my site, please contact me at for further instructions.

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