Monday, October 28, 2013

Book Review:The Templeton Twins Make a Scene by Ellis Weiner & Ilustrated by Jeremy Holmes

Arc copy received at no charge to facilitate review.

Warning: If you have not read the first Templeton Twins book, the narrator would definitely warn you to be very wary of this review. In case you don't know what wary means to be characterized by caution. So if you choose to read on, do so with caution or at least write the narrator a note of apology before proceeding.

Luckily, The Templeton Twins Make a Scene offers a humorous stand alone novel regardless of whether one has read the first (though don't tell the narrator that). The twins, John and Abigail return when their brilliant father accepts a job at the Thespian Academy of Performing Arts and Sciences (TAPAS). He has set out to invent a device which will allow audience members to see close ups of stage actors. It's not long before the villanous Dean brothers show up to create havoc in their attempts to get their hands on the invention.

Though the story line with the Templeton Twins ends up as predicted, it's the narrator who nearly steals the show. Some may find his story interruptions, for things like word definitions, annoying. However, his ridiculous questions and quizzes at the end of each chapter bring an aspect of slapstick humor and sarcasm that many readers will find irresistible. After all, having the narrator as a character really is the point so if you don't like snarky humor, don't say I didn't warn you.

Rating:  Recommended ****

Publishing Information:

Publisher: Chronicle Books (Oct. 2013)
Pages: 272
ISBN: 978-1-4521-1184-1
Ages: 8-12

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**FTC disclosure: I received an ARC book of no value at no charge to facilitate my review. No monetary compensation was received.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Life In Outer Space by Melissa Keil Book Review & Giveaway

So few people notice Sam Kennison that he may as well live life in outer space. Not that it really matters since he feels comfortable in his "nerd" skin. It helps that he has loyal friends, even if their position on the social ladder hovers near the lowest rung. It also helps to have hobbies like horror movies to watch and screenplays to write.

When the new English transfer, Camilla Carter, starts at Bowen Lakes Secondary, Sam barely notices until she starts to work her way into his group. He seems genuinely confused as to why she would want to hang out with him and his friends when other cool kids are jockeying to include her. He tries to ignore her, but she uses their common interests of World of Warcraft and Star Wars to build a friendship.

Sam's quirky humor shines its best through his inner monologues, especially in trying to deal with the breakdown of his parent's marriage. Though the secondary story line about his best friend fizzles, the surprising budding relationship between Sam and Camille make Life in Outer Space a must read young adult novel. A romance with a rare strong male protagonist that is sure to cross gender lines. Though Camilla seems to good to be true at first, her own struggles make her a character worth rooting for. In the end, its hard not to fall in love with Sam and his own minions.

Rating: Recommended ****

Publishing Information:

Publisher: Peachtree Publishing (Aug. 2013)
ISBN: 978-1-56145-742-7
Pages: 332
Ages 12-16

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Life in Outer Space Blog Tour

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Book Review: Double Vision Code Name 711 by F. T. Bradley

 Linc Baker thought his work as a junior secret agent with Pandora had come to a close. He learns all too soon that Pandora isn't finished with him.

When Pandora receives a threat on the president's family from within their ranks, they assign Linc the task of keeping the president's daughter, Amy, out of harms way. When the latest Dangerous Double, Washington's coat,  winds up missing, Linc springs into action to help find it before it is acquired by the wrong person. According to legends, the coat will make the owner invincible and must be kept safe. Linc investigates the Culper Ring (America's first Revolutionary War spies) to try to find clues to the coat and its location.

Linc, the lively and likable protagonist, carries the adventure that is a reminiscent twist on the National Treasure movies. Young readers will likely miss the comparison to similar story lines and endear themselves to their new spy hero.

Rating:  Good to Recommended ***1/2

Publishing Information:
Publisher: Harper Collins (Oct. 15, 2013)
Ages: 8-12
ISBN-13: 9780062104403

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**I received an advanced reader's copy of no value from the publisher to facilitate my review.**

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Monster Bubblewriter Book by Linda Scott: BOOK REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

Publisher provided review copy at no charge to facilitate my review.
Who hasn't been bored in class and doodled in their notebook instead of taking notes? I remember those days in junior high, creating pictures or cool letters in my notebook instead of taking notes. I even remember making bubble letters. Not only does doodling  foster creativity, it fosters literacy as well. 

My Monster Bubble Writer Book provides the reader with endless hours of creative fun. The illustrations are easy to trace or draw. Even better, a lot of different bubble alphabets with ideas on how to use them, develop reading and writing skills in a non-threatening atmosphere.  Activities, like fitting bubble letters inside shapes such as palm trees and underpants, are sure to stimulate young minds. Just in time for Halloween, monsters of all shapes and sizes come out of the woodwork for a spooktacular good time. No need to hire a babysitter with such a myriad of creations from invitations to cards and letters. Great for all ages.

My children had a blast creating some zany monsters from the book.

Check out the video HERE find out more.

Rating:  Recommended****

Publishing Information

Publisher: Laurence King Publishing (August 2013)
Pages: 144
ISBN: 9781780671024

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