Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gilbert de la frongponde: A Swamp Story by Jennifer Rae Book Review & Givaway

The swamp, also known as frogpond with an e, seems like a perfect place for the roly-poly frog, Gilbert, to spend his days. After all, he has plenty of juicy bugs to eat all day. When he fills his stomach to the bursting point, he can lounge around and sleep the rest of the day away.

When two gourmet cooks show up to Gilbert's swamp, his world is turned upside down. Too huge to outrun the chefs who want to cut him up and squeeze him into sausage, Gilbert must outwit them by convincing them that bugs, not frogs are the latest exotic cuisine.

The frolicking rhymes combined with the whimsical illustrations promise to make children and adults instant fans the lovable and witty Gilbert. The dinner guest you will want to return to your house time and time again, Gilbert's wild antics make time fun. A definite recommended read-a-loud picture book that will make bedtime an all out laugh fest.

Publishing Information:

Publisher: Peachtree Publishers, Inc. (Oct. 1997)
Pages: 32 
Ages: 6 and up
ISBN: 1-56145-163-0

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Book Giveaway: Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Extra Credit SIGNED BY AUTHOR

You won't want to miss this book giveaway. Charlie Joe Jackson is back with the sarcastic humor that made his first guide so funny. If you don't like reading, big deal. You'll want to read Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Extra Credit. You might even get some great ideas on how to pad your grade. 

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Contest Details: Winner will receive an AUTHOR SIGNED copy of Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Extra Credit. Contest starts 11/19/2012 and ends 

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Extra Credit: Book Review

Charlie Joe Jackson is the first to admit he's, "...not exactly what you'd call the most studious kid in the world." His world is about to be turned upside down when his parent's announce they plan on sending him to Camp Rituhbukee for summer school.

The only thing that will keep Charlie Joe from having to go to camp is getting straight A's and one B he was able to negotiate for good measure. Charlie realizes that doing all his homework is not going to quite cut it. He comes up with a brilliant plan to pad his grades with extra credit and when his friends agree to help, he figures not much can go wrong. 

Thanks to the ingenious extra credit projects of his teachers, Charlie Joe ends up in student government courtesy of his crazy gym teacher, posing in a hilarious, if not a bit humiliating costume for his art teacher, and lands the lead in the school play for drama extra credit.

With the humorous bits of sarcasm Charlie Joe has become so notorious for, the middle grade reader will face bouts of irrepressible laughter while Charlie Joe's best laid extra plans slowly unravel. Author, Tommy Greenwald has become the master at drawing in the reluctant reader with his infamous short chapters which always pack a punch of irony. He adds a touch of middle school romantic angst when Charlie Joe meets the new girl, Zoe, and has to sort out his feelings between her and his lifelong crush, Hannah Spivero.

Exactly the humor that will captivate the older middle school reader, Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Extra Credit is a book every parent and teacher will want to share with their child. My son, the Charlie Joe Jackson idol and master homework procrastinator enthusiastically (well as enthusiastically as a self proclaimed non reader can) HIGHLY RECOMMENDS this book over anything else he has read all year (of course it may be the only book he's actually read, so I'm not sure what that says). Since I see so much of my son in Charlie Joe Jackson, I recommend the book as well. It's not just for the reluctant reader, but for the middle school boy or girl who loves to read AND laugh. Our household can't wait for the next installment, Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Summer Vacation. 

Publishing Information
  • Publisher: Roaring Book Press (Summer 2012)
  • Ages: 9 and up
  • Pages: 272 hardcover
  • ISBN: 978-1-59643-692-3

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Scary School 2: Monsters on the March: Book Review

The students of Scary School are back (at least those who survived their teachers from the last year). After winning last year’s Ghoul Games, they have been invited to the Monster Forest to meet the Monster King, Zog the Terrible. 

Their trip starts out on the wrong foot when Charles Nukid is lost in the Monster Forest. There he rescues Princess Zogette, daughter of King Zog, who falls hard for Charles. Unfortunately, this angers Zogette's finance, Captain Pighead, which sets into motion a mad monster frenzy.

In the meantime, the students of Scary School do nothing to help Charles Nukid's cause with a series of their own missteps which anger King Zog. When Zogette follows Charles to Scary School, King Zog wages war on the entire school. 

Derek the Ghost, AKA Derek Taylor Kent, brings the clever and imaginative world of Scary School back in Monsters on the March with more creepy and hilarious monsters that will have the middle grade readers shivering with fear between bouts of body shaking laughter. Adults will enjoy the humorous references to some classic scary movies that the younger reader might miss. The talented Scott M. Fisher brings the story to life with lifelike illustrations full of personality. The print version captures the essence of the illustrations in a way the electronic version can't. A beloved series for boys and girls that will have them anxiously waiting for the next installment. Recommended + (4.5 out of 5) for the reader who loves monsters and humor.

Publishing Information:

  • Publisher: Harper Collins (June 2012)
  • Pages: 256 (hardcover)
  • ISBN-13: 978-0061960956 
  • Ages: 8 and up

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