Monday, November 19, 2012

Book Giveaway: Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Extra Credit SIGNED BY AUTHOR

You won't want to miss this book giveaway. Charlie Joe Jackson is back with the sarcastic humor that made his first guide so funny. If you don't like reading, big deal. You'll want to read Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Extra Credit. You might even get some great ideas on how to pad your grade. 

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Contest Details: Winner will receive an AUTHOR SIGNED copy of Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Extra Credit. Contest starts 11/19/2012 and ends 

**This is not a sponsored post. Prize is offered through the author and not the blog owner.

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Tricia C. said...

This sounds perfect for my classroom. I might even get some fun extra credit ideas to offer my students:)

pmj said...

Procastinator defines my child-this would be an awesome book to read.

ksapctmom said...

Would love the next installment of the CJJ series. Charlie Joe can dish it out like no other!

Carl Scott said...

I think a lot of kids would enjoy the sort of crazy situations Charlie gets into in his quest for extra credits.

beckee said...

My boys would love this because of the humor!
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Jamie Leigh Martin said...

Does he make the grade?!

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