Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Book Review: Lowriders Blast from the Past by Cathy Camper and Raúl The Third

Book received at no charge to facilitate review.

Lupé, Flapjack and Elirio travel back in time to when they first met and became friends. They bonded after being bullied by Las Matamoscas. The bullies pull every punch to keep the Lowriders out of the car show. They simply won't let girls into the show but Lupé, and her friends are determined to get her two mothers, Mamá Impala and Mamá Gazelle into the show. Will they be able to master the art of making sure no visible brush strokes are on their car or can they keep a 5-gallon jar of agua fresca from spilling around the track?

While it takes some time to get to the heart of the story, slap stick humor keeps the pages turning. In the end, a heartwarming lesson about standing up for what is right prevails. An amusing look into the lowrider culture with an easy way to learn some new Spanish words.