Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Book Review: Double Vision Code Name 711 by F. T. Bradley

 Linc Baker thought his work as a junior secret agent with Pandora had come to a close. He learns all too soon that Pandora isn't finished with him.

When Pandora receives a threat on the president's family from within their ranks, they assign Linc the task of keeping the president's daughter, Amy, out of harms way. When the latest Dangerous Double, Washington's coat,  winds up missing, Linc springs into action to help find it before it is acquired by the wrong person. According to legends, the coat will make the owner invincible and must be kept safe. Linc investigates the Culper Ring (America's first Revolutionary War spies) to try to find clues to the coat and its location.

Linc, the lively and likable protagonist, carries the adventure that is a reminiscent twist on the National Treasure movies. Young readers will likely miss the comparison to similar story lines and endear themselves to their new spy hero.

Rating:  Good to Recommended ***1/2

Publishing Information:
Publisher: Harper Collins (Oct. 15, 2013)
Ages: 8-12
ISBN-13: 9780062104403

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**I received an advanced reader's copy of no value from the publisher to facilitate my review.**


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