Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wildfire Run By Dee Garretson - Book Review

  Wildfire Run
The president's son, Luke, always has an entourage of Secret Service agents following him, even when he goes on vacation to Camp David. Through a series of catastrophic events, Luke and his friends Theo and Callie find themselves separated from the Secret Service agents hired to protect them, and in the dangerous path of a raging wildfire. The three of them must rely on their own ingenuity to outsmart the security measures that were designed to keep away criminals, but now stand in the way of their safety.

This tightly written debut novel by Dee Garretson is a fast paced thriller that will appeal to boys. Each chapter is filled with action that never slows down. The interlacing of technology throughout the novel adds excitement and interest. Highly recommended middle grade novel for boys ages 9-12.

Wildfire Run is the first novel in the Danger's Edge Series. The next novel, Wolf Storm, is due to be released 9/1/2011.

Next post will be an online interview with author Dee Garretson. Check back soon for a chance to win a signed copy of the this book.


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