Monday, July 4, 2011

Rick Frost and The Sword of Calibum - Book Review

Fresh off his Alaskan Adventure, Rick Frost heads to England for a semester of study abroad. What starts as a fun weekend with his new friend C.J., the son of the Prince of Wales, ends up with terrorists taking the weekend guests hostage and leaving Rick as the only one who can save them.

C.J. sends Rick on a quest to find the Sword of Calibum. Rick must join forces with a mysterious group of treasure hunters to keep the legendary Arthurian sword from the terrorists who want to use it to rule England. The treasure hunters take Rick halfway across the globe in search of clues. On the beach of Maine, he finds the one thing that will bring him and the treasure hunters steps closer to solving the quest.

The plot thickens when Rick is betrayed by a member of the shadowy group he had grown to trust. He must escape his captors and free CJ to complete the quest and find the one true sword that will save England.

The Sword of Calibum is a fast paced young adult adventure with a likable male protagonist. Quick read for the teen boy who likes an adventure with historical folklore woven into it. It is the second book in the Rick Frost series by Todd Bush.

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