Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Fourth Stall by Chris Rylander - Book Review

Got a problem you can't solve? Get in line outside the East Wing of the boys bathroom where Mac will meet with you in the fourth stall. For a fee, Mac can get you just about anything, test answers, a bully to leave you alone, even a chance to take a girl to the movie you're not old enough to get into.

Business is booming for Mac and his best friend and business partner, Vince. They might even end up with enough money to see the Cubs in their first World Series game in almost seventy years. That is until a third grader named Fred shows up in need of protection and turns their plans upside down.

Mac and Vince find themselves in the middle of gambling ring led by the notorious a high school crime boss, Staples. They must employ every business tactic they know, including getting every bully in school involved. They risk not only losing their business, but their friendship as well when they find their own problems are the hardest to solve.

The Fourth Stall starts out as a hilarious and turns into a mob like who done it middle grade mystery novel. Chris Rylander does a meticulous job covering every aspect of the mystery in a humorous setting that is sure to grab the attention of the hard to please middle grade school boy. The characters are well developed and I  I was particularly drawn to Vince who is funny in a quiet way. I loved this novel as did my husband and twelve year old son. Chris Rylander leaves the ending open for a follow up novel which I can hardly wait to read. Highly recommended for ages 9-13.



I have heard so many great things about this one and I know Walden is publishing the sequel due out in the winter some time. I hadn't heard about the mystery aspect of it, but just the godfather like theme of it from the bathroom stall is hysterical to me! I know my two boys would love it!


Trudy said...

Thanks for commenting. Waldon does have the sequel coming out and I have been notified that I will get a chance to review it. I am so happy!! That also means I'll be giving it away.

Carol said...

This sounds fun. I can think of a couple of kids who would love it.

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