Wednesday, October 26, 2011

HAL JUNIOR: THE SECRET SIGNAL by Simon Haynes Book Review and Giveaway

Hal Junior: The Secret Signal by Simon Haynes

Hal Junior is a lot like any average kid. He hates doing homework. He's constantly in trouble for goofing off and his best friend, Stinky Binn, is smarter than him. The only thing is that Hal doesn't live like the averagekid. 
Instead, he lives on board a futuristic space station.

Hal's class is invited on a field trip to watch the the docking of a spaceship and Hal decides to be the model of good behavior so he won't get left behind. When the class is kidnapped and held hostage, Hal must decipher a secret message from his chief scientist mum and save his class and ship.

Author Simon Haynes does a good job mixing humor and adventure with science. His illustrations inside of the book are especially clever and humorous. The protagonist, Hal Junior, makes plans that don't always turn out the way he expects, but offer fun twists to his escape. The inanimate character of the ship's computer is a great addition to the story. Hal Junior: The Secret Signal is a great science fiction novel for the middle grade boy ages 8-12. I don't often find great science fiction novels for middle grade to recommend so I was thrilled to read and review this book.


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**Disclosure: I received a free copy of the book from the author for review and giveaway purposes. I did not receive monetary compensation for my book review. In no way were my opinions influenced by the author.

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Robin said...

I loved the A Wrinkle in Time Series

Patty White said...

My son has read The Hobbit so many times, I would have to say its his favorite!!

phxbne said...

Wrinkle in Time

Sher A. Hart said...

I thought it was a Wrinkle in Time until I read it again a few years ago and there was no train or time travel. I am still mystified about what book I loved so long ago. I do love Wrinkle in Time but that wasn't it. Believe it or not, I crushed on R Daneel Olivaw at age nine. Asimov and Tolkien started my obsession with SF/Fantasy.

Sher A. Hart said...

The like on FB form didn't work so I had to do it from your sidebar. The tweet give the wrong giveway but since I'm entering the other too maybe it will tweet this giveaway. I also posted it the contest on my personal FB page.

Diana said...

Ender's Game by Orson Scott card is hands down my favorite youth sci-fi novel.

Dana said...


Hannah said...

I like the Harry Potter series
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carole said...

would have to be Harry Potter

Laurie said...

Harry Potter

Robin Blankenship said...

A wrinkle in time was my fave.

Sunnie said...

A wrinkle in Time was a good one, that I remember

jadavis said...

Harry Potter!

Anonymous said...

I like The Giver, by Lois Lenski
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