Wednesday, November 9, 2011

eBook Review: Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb by MJA Ware

When their parents ground them and cancel their annual camping trip, longtime friends, Nathan and Misty, run away rather than miss out on the camp out. After one night, they decide to return home only to find the military has destroyed the bridges and blocked the roads out of their small town, Indian Springs. They also discover the residents have fled, leaving a horde living dead, flesh eating zombies.

Nate and Misty take up residence at the local Walmart where they discover that a mix if citric acid juice will destroy the zombies. While they are trying to figure out how to get rid of the zombies with lemon juice, a nerdy genius, Kali, shows up and helps them formulate a plan to annihilate the zombies and dodge the military bombs. Kali's entrance is where the action really picks up and where the reader can see the personalities of main characters develop. Kali's heroic actions are admirable.

For the reader who likes zombie books, MJA Ware's Super Zombie Juice, has action without too much gore, but enough to keep it creepy. A good introduction to the horror book without being too scary. It's a fast read for the YA audience and would also appeal to children over the age of 10.

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