Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scary School by Derek the Ghost and Derek Taylor Kent: Book Review

From the moment you walk into Scary School, you know it may be the scariest year of your life. That is, if you make it through the first day without being eaten by your teacher, Mr. Dragonbreath, for not obeying all of his nearly impossible class rules. Even if you don't make it through alive, there's always the chance you might come back as a zombie or even a ghost. Being a ghost does have it's advantages, like being able to float around and write about all of the horrible things that go on in the school. For the first time, Derek the Ghost reveals just exactly what happens inside Scary School.

Brace yourself. You're about to meet the zaniest, I mean scariest administration and teachers ever. From Principal Headcrusher to Ms. Fang, a vampire teacher and then to detention supervisor, Mrs. T. a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a blue dress, each has a crazy fun spooky story. The mix of regular kids with monsters, makes Scary School a place so unique even the scary creatures who come from other schools for the first ever school Ghoul Games are stricken.

In Scary School, Derek the Ghost, with the help of Derek Taylor Kent, creates a hilarious and imaginative first installment in what promises to be a wildly popular series, especially appealing to boys. The vivid illustrations by Scott M. Fischer add to the zany fun. You don't need to be a boy to love this book, but you do have to have a macabre sense of humor. Highly Recommended ages 8 and up for a screaming good laugh. Watch for the second installment, due out in late spring.

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 Publishing Info.
  • Publisher: Harper Collins (6/21/2011)
  • Reading Level: 8 and up
  • Pages: 256 Hardcover
  • ISBN-10: 0061960926 ISBN-13: 978-0061960925
**Disclosure: I received an electronic version of this book at no charge from the author for review purposes only. This in no way influenced my review.


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