Friday, March 9, 2012

All About Writing - For Kids

Are you a kid who loves to write? Do you have a child who wants to be a writer?

My online friend, Heather Schwartz, has a blog for children who love to write. After finding a lot of information about writing and publishing geared toward adults, Heather realized there was little information on writing and publishing by children. She hopes to change that.

Visit her blog, All About Writing - For Kids and discover great ideas for children's writing. Next up on her blog is an interview with children's television writer, Jennifer Hamburg. I can't wait to read what Jennifer has to say about writing for children's television.

Thanks, Heather, for opening up a place for ideas for children's writing. I hope some of your budding writers will post some of their work on your blog after finding lots of awesome topics to write about.


maria.selke said...

Yay! I'm adding this blog to my visited list. I have a small "writer's club" of kids who would love any information she can bring us!

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