Friday, February 1, 2013

Book Review: Double Vision by F.T. Bradley

Lincoln Baker's recent field trip to a chicken farm with his class ends up a disaster when he carries his wild antics a bit too far. When the farmer slaps his family with a lawsuit, Linc worries that his parents will have to work the rest of their lives to pay the damages. Linc jumps at the chance to bail his family out of the mess he created by agreeing to attend "boot camp" with two secret agents who show up at his door. The agents promise to make Linc's troubles disappear if he does as they tell him.

Boot camp for Linc ends up a secret mission across the world in Paris, France posing as his look alike agent, Benjamin Green. It turns out Ben is missing and the "evil Mona Lisa" has disappeared as well. Linc befriends Francoise, the daughter of the baker's family who owned the painting. Together they must solve the clues her father leaves behind before the painting falls into the hands of double crossing agents and is used for evil purposes.

Though the premise feels like a watered down version of the Da Vinci Code, Bradley redeems with  a strong protagonist middle grade boys will easily relate to. The young reader probably won't even notice the Da Vinci comparison. Plenty of action will keep the young reader glued to the pages, rooting for Linc at every turn. A strong female side kick make Double Vision an action adventure that will appeal to the female mystery lover as well. RECOMMENDED ages 8-12.

Publishing Information

Publisher: Harper/Harper Collins (Oct. 2012)
Pages: 277
ISBN: 978-0-06-210437-3

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**I received the book at no charge for review purposes only which I in turn gave away. No monetary compensation was received.


Ashley Elston said...

Can't wait to read this book!!

Tricia C. said...

My students and I love this type of book. Secret agents showing up at the door?!? Would also love to know why his class went on a field trip to a chicken farm! Sounds like a lot of fun!!

Unknown said...

i thnik my nephews would love this type of book simply because its about spys and secret agents all the things boys just love

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