Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Real Question by Adrian Fogelin: Book Review and Giveaway

  The pressure Fisher Brown feels to excel academically becomes too much for him. Ever since his mom left, his dad, who is also his guidance counselor, puts pressure on him to keep his grades and test scores up so he can get into an Ivy League school. Fisher nearly has a meltdown when his mind freezes during a chemistry test. Convinced that his brain will do the same during the upcoming SAT, he wonders if his years of studying and getting straight A's will amount to anything.

When Fisher meets his neighbor's deadbeat brother, Lonny, he goes against his better judgment and agrees to tag along on a weekend adventure. 

Far from pleasurable, the trip turns out to be in a window into the world of the working poor in which Fisher must ask himself for the first time in his life some of life's hard questions.  The Real Question by Adrian Fogelin tugs at the heartstrings with an introspective look into Fisher's thoughts through the use of first-person narrative. The wry humor helps lighten the mood. A Recommended+ young adult novel, especially for those overachievers that need to be reminded of the truly important things in life.

Publishing Information:
Publisher: Peachtree Publishing (Sept. 1, 2009)
ISBN-13: 978-1-56145-383-2/ISBN-10:1-56145-383-8
Hardback: 234 pages

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Disclosure: I received the book at no charge from the publisher for review purposes. I do not accept books for review unless I am free to give an honest review.

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