Sunday, June 30, 2013

Author Interview: Cindy Cipriano

Author of The Circle, Cindy Cipriano, was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions about being an author for my blog readers. I am happy to share my interview with her.

 What inspired you to write your debut novel, The Circle?

Once when I was in "time out," I daydreamed about lifting a tile in the floor and wondered what I'd find below it.  I imagined a wise man hunched over a desk working by candle light.  This person became Uilleam and is really where the idea for the series began.

If you had to choose one character in your book you are most like, who would it be and why?

I'm really not like any of the characters in The Circle.  They are much, much more interesting :)  I will say my favorite character is Donnelly.  He's just so fearless.

 Who are some of your favorite children's books and how have they inspired you to be a writer?

C.S. Lewis is probably my all-time favorite children's author. I was inspired by his brilliant use of magical realism, in that it's not "in your face," but thoughtful and skillfully placed throughout his novels.

 What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a writer?

Finding enough time to write!

 What is your favorite part of the writing process?

I love the actual writing part, sitting at my computer, completely immersed in my story.

 Have you ever experienced "writer's block" and how do you get past that?

I have experienced "writer's block," and the best way for me to get past it is just to sit down and start writing.

 The Circle is a fantasy novel. Is that your favorite genre to read as well? What other genres do you love?

I love anything that is middle grade/young adult fantasy. 

 Can you tell us a little bit about your next book that we might not know from reading the first?

The Lost is the second book in the Sidhe series. In this book, Calum and his friends will be tested regarding their friendship for and devotion to each other. And, yes, there's more about Finley :)  There are also some deleted scenes from The Circle posted on my website:

What advice would you give to somebody thinking about becoming a writer?

Join a good critique group, now.  I would have saved so much time had I joined one earlier.

Once your book was published, was there every anything you wished you could go back and change? Why or why not?

I really felt The Circle was "done," when I submitted my manuscript to Odyssey Books.  Thanks to my amazing editor, Michelle Lovi, I don't feel the desire to go back and change anything.  I would love for readers to let me know what they think about The Circle.  I encourage them to please visit my reviews page and post a review.

Cindy Cipriano's middle grade fantasy, The Circle, is available through Amazon or other local retailers.

Check out my review HERE.

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