Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fantasy League by Book Review

Ebook received at no charge to facilitate review.

Seventh grader, Charlie Gaines, has an uncanny ability to choose winning fantasy-football leagues, even if he's lacking the football field. His league picks earn him the well-deserved nickname, "the brain" among his peers.

His best friend, Anna, happens to be a huge football fan as well as the granddaughter Joe Warren, the owner of the LA Bulldogs. When she introduces Charlie to Grandpa Warren, he can't resist giving the old man advice on how he can improve his losing football team. While Charlie's insight does help improve the Bulldogs record, his friendship with Joe Warren drives the game.

Die hard football fans will overlook the improbabilities of Charlie's situations and relationships while his own quest on the football field will leave the reader some nail biting moments. For those not familiar with fantasy leagues and football, Lupica's novel may fail to spark interest.

Rating: Recommended 

Publishing Information:

Publisher: Philomel (Sept. 2014)
Pages: 304
ISBN: 978-0-399-25607-3
Ages: 10-14

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