Monday, November 17, 2014

Affordable Eyeglasses at Firmoo: Review

**FTC Disclosure: Complimentary product received to facilitate review. No monetary compensation was received.

Less than a year ago, my prescription changed for my reading glasses. Even after reusing the frames, it still cost me $200 to have the lenses replaced.

While I knew I could order glasses over the internet, I never dared to try. I finally got a chance with Firmoo. The only thing I regret is not trying Firmoo sooner. For less than $50.00, I can get a pair of prescription glasses which includes both the frames and the lenses. Best of all, the glasses were the right prescription and fit well.

The ordering process is a little more extensive than a most online purchases. I had to obtain my prescription from my last optometry visit. Luckily, the optometry office at the mass merchandiser was very accommodating and not only gave me a copy of my prescription, but also measured my pupil distance.

Once I received my prescription, the ordering process was easy. I input the numbers and waited for my glasses. With Firmoo, you have to be patient. My glasses were shipped from outside the country and it took over three weeks for delivery. For the amount of money I would have saved compared to my last purchase, it's definitely worth the wait. The quality of my Firmoo glasses were as good as the more expensive pairs I own. The glasses fit comfortably, even after hours of use. My glasses came packages well and also included a nice case, a cleaning cloth and a small screwdriver for adjustments.

Sunglasses at Firmoo

I already have a pair of sunglasses picked out at Firmoo for my separate driving prescription. I have wanted a back up pair and don't mind waiting a few weeks to save a large amount of money.

I'm so happy Firmoo found me. I'll be using them again when my teenage son needs a pair of glasses.


Amanda@Optometric Services said...

Cute! I love there new frames :)

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