Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wilder Boys by Brandon Wallace: Book Review

FTC Disclosure: ARC received at no charge in exchange for an honest review.

With their dad's abandonment and their mom too busy working and trying to quell her boyfriend, Bull's temper, Jake and Tyler Wilder develop survival skills they will need in their upcoming endeavor. When they witness Bull shooting another man, things only get worse. After their mother is taken away in an ambulance after been severely beaten at the hands of Bull, the two brothers flee in fear for their safety and run off with their dog to find their father who is rumored to be living off the land in Wyoming.

Armed only letters and a journal to guide them to their dad's whereabouts, the boys manage to get from Pittsburg to Wyoming only to find themselves facing challenges in the wilderness that could cost them their lives. Luckily they meet up with Skeet, a wolverine tracker who helps them but will it be enough to stay ahead of Bull and find their father?

While some of the situations seem far fetched, there's no break in the action. A fun adventure that the reader won't be able to put down until the end. Wallace gives great wilderness tips at the end that might just help in preparing for the next great outdoor experience.

Rating ★★★★☆

Publisher: Aladdin (May 5, 2015)
ISBN: 978-1481432641
Pages: 240
Ages: 8-12

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