Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beyond Lucky Book Review

All Ari Fish wanted was a little luck. His best friend, Jerry MacDonald, or Mac as his friends call him, is the luckiest person Ari knows. If only he could have some of Mac’s luck. Mac is the best soccer player on the whole team.  
When Abel Mischelotti breaks his leg, Ari gets a chance to start as goalkeeper. But it’s hard to feel lucky when even a girl can play soccer as well as the guys.
Ari’s luck is about to change.
Wayne Timcoe was the best soccer player to come out of Ari’s hometown, the only one to play in the pros, a real hometown hero. His All-Star World Soccer card has become the most sought after card.  The day Ari opens and finds the elusive Timcoe card, his luck changes.
It seems there isn’t a ball that can get by Ari as goalkeeper. His team keeps on winning. Ari can’t believe his luck. He can’t believe it until his Timcoe card disappears under suspicious circumstances.
Through skillful storytelling by author Sarah Aronson, Ari learns the team is more important than one person, friendship is more important than cards, heroes are only people, people who make mistakes, and confidence is more than luck.
Beyond Lucky by Sarah Aronson, is a great middle grade novel for the boy who loves soccer. The addition of a strong female teammate makes the book appealing to girls as well. The author artfully examines sexism in sports. The author also does a great job examining forgiveness and trust through friendship. The description of the soccer games adds excitement and will captivate the sports minded reader. Ages 9-12 but may appeal to 13-14 as well. Not only would I recommend this book for the avid soccer player, I also recommend it for any boy who may have a girl on his sports team.  


GatheringBooks said...

I have just recently read Trevor Kew's "Trading Goals" and "Sidelined" which also feature soccer players and friendship among young people and the competition that goes alongside being part of a soccer team- the difference is that the protagonist in Kew's books are girls. I'd be keen to read this book as well, since after all I'm in a soccer-mode anyway, might as well. ;-) Thanks for sharing this.

ilima said...

Trudy, I have given your blog the Liebster Award. Visit ilimawrites(dot)blogspot(dot)com for details.

Greg R. Fishbone said...

I already have a copy but have to say that I'm a big fan of Sarah's work.

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