Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spartacus and the Circus of Shadows - ARC Book Review

Publication date:  October 2011
Spartacus Ryan Zander is convinced his mom, Athena the human cannonball, was kidnapped by Bartholomew’s World Renowned Circus of the Incredible. Nobody believes him. Even his dad and brother, Will, think his mom ran off with the circus. In order to save his mom from the evil ringmaster, Bartholomew, Spartacus does the only thing he can think of -- he runs away.

If Will hadn't named him "poop lip" and wasn’t such a bad brother, Spartacus would have invited him on his journey. Instead, he goes alone armed with his mom’s postcard clues and his best friend, Eli’s, internet expertise. Too bad Eli could only help from summer camp and not in person. Otherwise, he may have thought twice about the questionable, but hilarious travelers he sends to help Spartacus along the way.

During his quest to find save Athena, Spartacus learns the truth isn’t as he thinks.

Molly E. Johnson’s debut novel, Spartacus and the Circus of Shadows is a humorous novel with unforgettable characters and an unpredictable ending. I loved the travelers Spartacus ends up with. Spartacus’ quest is hilarious and even a bit heartbreaking. It’s a fun novel that is hard to put down. I loved the twist of a not so happily ever after ending. Anybody who has ever had an older brother will love the sibling dynamics. The author does a great job with the theme of loving and accepting others, especially your own family. My twelve year old and seventeen year old sons like the novel as well.  Highly recommended for the middle school reader or ages 10-14. 

Release Date October 2011

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**Disclaimer: Though I did receive a copy of  Spartacus and the Circle of Shadows by the publisher for review, my opinions of the book were not influenced in any way by the publisher or the author. I did not receive monetary compensation for review nor do I accept monetary compensation for any book reviews.


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