Friday, January 20, 2012

The Complete Hawaiin Reef Fish Coloring Book Review

To say The Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Coloring Book by Monika Mira is a coloring book would be an understatement. Instead, the book is a comprehensive guide to many fish that can be found around the waters of the Hawaiian islands. The introduction tells where the fish live, give a description of their scientific name, and describes and illustrates the anatomy of a fish. 
My coloring skills on page from book

The fish are divided into categories and include several examples. Author, Monika Mira, describes each fish in detail, including the colors of the fish. I chose a page out of the book to color and carefully followed the description. When I was finished with my artwork, I looked up the fish, Moorish Idol, and found my attempt matched the actual coloring well. Here is the photo link I used to compare the book illustration to the real thing. Photo link to Moorish Idol 
Monika Mira's illustrations are incredible. Her attention to detail and the amount of research that went into this book is impressive. It's more than a coloring book, it is a must have educational tool for children and adults wanting to know more about the Hawaiian fish. Even I learned something I didn't know. Fish can change sexes and when they do, they change colors. If you plan on taking a family vacation to Hawaii, I would highly recommend buying this book ahead of time. It's not the type of coloring book you will want your toddler to scribble in, but the type of book all ages K-12 would learn from. In fact, it is touted as an educational tool to be used in classrooms. It is not only informative, it is fun too. The only thing I wish about the book is that I would have had it a week and a half sooner for my own scuba diving trip. Maybe I could have identified this fish, or maybe not since I wasn't in Hawaii.

A fish from my scuba trip to Mexico.
To purchase this book directly from the publisher, click HERE. You can also purchase through the following retailers.

**Disclosure: I received this book at no charge from the author for review purposes. This is no way affected my opinion about this book. I do not accept material in which I am asked to leave a positive review.


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