Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And Then It Happened: Book One by M & L Wade: Book Review

What do dead birds and a bicycle built for three have in common? Adventures of three friends which never turn out as planned.

In "The Dead Bird Collection", the three friends sprinkle their neighbors yard with dead birds in the hopes of tricking him into thinking his birdseed killed the birds. Their plan goes horribly wrong and they are rewarded with the opportunity of cutting the neighbors lawn all summer for free. 

At "Summer Camp", the three friends quickly tire of the camp bully and devise a laugh out loud plan to stop the bully from ruining summer camp. 

When the three friends put their heads together to win the school bicycle race in "A Bicycle Built For Three", they almost kill each other instead.

The year does not end on a good note for the threesome. "The Christmas Disaster" they manage to create during the school play is caught on T.V.

And Then it Happened: Book One by M & L Wade is a compilation of short stories that will have the reluctant reader snickering in the corner, hoping nobody notices so he doesn't have to admit the stories are funny. Each story is only a few pages long, which captures and holds the attention of the reader long enough to easily get through one story in a session. Though the stories are geared toward boys, girls will enjoy the humorous situations as well. Recommended for grades 3-6 or ages 8-12, but not beyond this age. Any of the books in the series would make great aloud options. The only thing to look out for is the bright ideas for pranks the books create. 

This book is one of a 10 book set.

**In accordance with FTC guidelines, I received the set of books at no charge for review purposes only. My opinions are not influenced by receiving the books at no charge nor do I exchange positive reviews for books. I often donate review books to local schools and/or schoolchildren. 


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