Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Partying with Boogie Wipes

Though I like to focus on reviewing books and promoting literacy, I also like to include products that help make parenting easier.

As a Saline Ambassador, I get the lucky opportunity to get together with my mom's group to try new kid friendly products. I love the feedback I get from other moms. I love finding products that I didn't know about before. I am often reluctant to buy new products if I haven't tried them. I think it's human nature. I have so many questions like: Will I like the product? Will it be a waste of money? Will my family like it? Boogie Wipes understands my concerns.             

It's nice to meet with others to find out I'm 
not the only one with the same questions and concerns. At my recent Boogie Wipes party I had the chance to introduce this product to some of my friends and family who have never heard of them and were thrilled to try them.

Boogie Wipes are gentle, saline wet wipes for dried, stuck on boogers. A great alternative to dry tissues which don't always take away the dried on mucus and often leave the skin on and around the nose cracked and dry. Other wet wipes can sting the nose. Boogie Wipes are formulated with saline to prevent the sting. They also include aloe and vitamin E to keep skin from drying out. Boogie wipes are lightly scented in Grape or Fresh fragrance. One mom at my party thought it seemed weird to have a scent and was sure her child would not like it. However, the child liked the grape scent quite well. This is my favorite scent as well.

Also available are Saline Soothers for grown ups. Especially popular at my party was was the Cool Menthol scent. Menthol is always soothing when I have a cold so it's no surprise my guest liked them as much as I did.

Our party winners were thrilled to receive their packages of Saline Soothers and Boogie Wipes. One mom told me, "I think this is such a cool idea. I can't believe nobody ever thought of it before."

Not surprising, Boogie Wipes were invented by moms. Who else knows what would make our lives easier? Boogie Wipes are not only mom approved, but recommended by pediatricians as a gently alternative to dry tissues.

Want to try Boogie Wipes? Join the Boogie Bunch for your .50 off coupon.

**Disclosure: As a Saline Ambassador, I receive promotional items and samples to share and use. No monetary compensation has been given.  My opinions reflect my honest experiences.


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