Thursday, March 30, 2017

Blog Tour: Leo, Dog of the Sea Book Review

Book received at no charge to facilitate review.

Originally a dog with no name, Leo has become adept at catching rats on ships. After four different voyages, he has also become adept at avoiding humans. When Leo sneaks onto the Trinidad, with Captain General Ferdinand Magellan and his crew, he finally gets a chance to develop friendships with a few of the crew members. Leo even gets his name after saving Marco, the stowaway's life.

The first person narrative through the eyes of Leo, the dog works well with historical fiction rich in detail of the hard life aboard the ships. From vivid descriptions of sailors suffering scurvy to the harsh treatment of the natives from Magellan, readers grasp some of the horrors endured by historical figures and the lands and people they discover. While the adventures in the story are enough to captivate a young audience, the detailed facts of Magellan's journey and the back story of the role of dogs in history make for a must read.

 Rating ★★★★★

Publishing Information:
Publisher: Peachtree Publishers (April 2017)
ISBN: 978-1-56145-964-3
Ages: 7-10

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