Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Stanley's Store by William Bee: Book Review

Book received at no charge to facilitate review.

Stanley the hamster is back and hard at work getting ready for a busy day at his store. He's unloading fruits and vegetables from his truck while inside Hattie helps Myrtle find cheese, lots of cheese. It's a good thing for Myrtle that the store offers delivery. In the meantime, Shamus and Little Woo have plenty of groceries for Stanley to ring up. It looks like Little Woo got a little carried away with the sweets. Thanks to Charlie, not everything goes as planned at Stanley's store.

Bee's use of bright colors and bold illustrations capture the attention of the preschooler but the fun really belongs to Stanley. Who can't help but love this hardworking and charming hamster?

Rating ★★★★

Publishing Information

Publisher: Peachtree Publishers (3/1/2017)
ISBN:  978-1-56145-868-4
Page Count: 32
Ages: 3-7

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