Thursday, January 12, 2012

Desert Fire by H.M. Prévost: Book Review

When Nick Cheveliar witnesses a plane class in the desert over Abu Dhabi, he rushes to the crash site. He finds an American pilot who slips Nick a disc before he dies. The disc contains classified military secrets. With the help of his new friends, brothers Faris and Mohammed, Nick pieces together the information on the disc and how it relates to the cover-up of the down plane.

During Nick's investigation, he meets an espionage agent and finds himself in the middle of a spy operation, in the race of his life from an unknown terrorist. Not only is his life in danger, but his friends lives are at risk as well. The stakes get even higher when the terrorists kidnap his mother and sister. Nick must find a way to topple the terrorists and save his family.

It's always refreshing to find a young adult novel which will appeal to the older teenage boy. DESERT FIRE by H.M. Prévost is a tense espionage thriller that will draw in the attention of that hard to reach teenage. The suspense builds into an exciting climax which makes the put hard to put down. I got involved in the story quickly and had to finish it the same day. The setting in the United Arab Emirates was a refreshing change and gave nice glimpse into another culture.

I love the concept of Muse It Publishing, who is the publisher for this novel. The eBooks are edited by an in house editor before being release for electronic publication which makes eBooks like this, strong novels. Recommended young adult novel ages 13-18

**Disclosure: I received an electronic copy of this book from the author for review purposes only. My opinions are in no way influenced by the author. No other compensation was received for this post.

DESERT FIRE is available as an eBook through Amazon and will be available later this year in print.



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